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Rezension. "The Impostor" by Tiffany Carmouche


Format: Kindle Edition
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Verlag: C & C Legacy (1. Oktober 2012) 
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Sprache: Englisch

the story:
Nicole wants to get a way from an abusive ex - boyfriend. She sees her chance in going to work in Alaska as a waitress.
There she meets Dylan, a sexy musician and falls for him - hard!
But there seems to be a danger - someone stalks her ... 

My Review:
I read the synopsis for Book3 and I thought, that this series might be something for me. And crap, I was sooooo right!
I started to read the first few pages and couldn´t wait to get back to Nicole and read what happens next.
And oh boy, the story was awesome - like a flower it blossomed more and more with each turned page. The package was complete - you had everything - fun, sweetness, adventure, creep, romance and thrill - a romantic thrill

The characters were true to the heart and some found their way straight to MY heart and some, well let´s say they´ve been different

From page one Tiffany Carmouche created a real pageturner, that I couldn´t put down - I even read through dinner
Her way of writing, narrating and describing was unbelievable - I felt like I was there in Alaska and with Nicole and her friends.

The cliffhanger, though, is really bad. I screamed: No! No! No! You can´t leave me like that!
You see, I want more - NOW. Can´t wait for Book 2

My Fazit: 

5 stars! I would give her more, if I could!

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  1. I am so glad you enjoyed the book. I loved getting messages from you as you read it. Please tell your readers if they do read it I would love to hear from them!


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