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#RARE17 - Booked up in Berlin: The authors - Kelly Elliott

Bookfriends all around the world,

nachdem es in den letzten anderthalb Wochen etwas ruhiger wieder war (erst hat es meinen Sohn mit ner Erkältung umgehauen und da er ein liebes Kind ist hat er es mit Mami auch geteilt, so dass ich flach lag, doch jetzt gehts mir wieder gut) doch jetzt geht es wieder weiter mit der Vorstellungsrunde der Autoren für #RARE17
Wie in einem Schneeballsystem entwickelte sich die Aktion zum Selbstläufer und ich freue mich sehr darüber, dass sich noch mehr Autoren gemeldet haben um mir meine Fragen zu beantworten..

Heute ist Kelly Elliott aus der "RARE Class of 2017" an der Reihe etwas mehr über sich und ihre Bücher zu erzählen.  Lest was sie auf meine Fragen beantwortet hat. Das Interview ist auf englisch und gerne bin ich bereit euch die Fragen, wenn ihr sie nicht verstehen solltet, zu übersetzen.

Und hier nun das Interview

1.  Can you tell us more about you and your books :) ?

I published my first book in November 2012, titled WANTED. Since then I've been getting lost in story after story and sharing them with my readers. I've released over 25 books and am looking forward to the next 25!

 2. What can your German and American readers expect from you in the next months (any chance a german publisher publishs your books)? Is there anything in particular you are looking forward to?

I have a number of releases that lead up to RARE 2017. A few stand alone novels and I'm excited to announce two new series that will be out next year. I do have a book coming out on December 27, 2016 from my best selling WANTED series that I am so excited to share! I cannot wait for the readers to get more of Gunner and the gang. 

I don't have any titles that have been picked up by a German publisher but that is a goal of mine. I'd love to see it happen!

3. What do you do in your spare time when you are not working on a book? Do you have any other hobbies besides writing?

I love camping and hiking. Reading of course! Historical romance is one of my favorite genres. 

4.I have to admit I haven´t read one of your books (yet) so I´d like to know which book (to start with) you recommend for a new reader? I know, it´s like asking a mother to pick her favorite child ...

Hmmm ... well I guess it would depend on what you like to read. If you like cowboys and ranches, I'd say read Wanted or Broken. They are the first books in two different series. So if you want to give my writing style a shot, I'd say go with a stand alone. THE PLAYBOOK, STAY WITH ME, or THE JOURNEY HOME would be good ones to start with as well.

5. Are you a reader yourself or do you not read anything while writing a new book? Are there any books on your bedside table?

I LOVE to read. I will read while I'm writing a book, but not very often. I tend to read between books. Right now I have an ARC of Nichole Chase that I'm reading. It's called BEDMATES and it is SO GOOD!

6. When did you start writing? Have you already written some stories when you were a child? If so, can you remember your first story?

I found my love of writing when I was in high school. Around 15. I would just mess around with little stories that I would write in notebooks then throw them away. I thought at the time I wanted to write children's books. LOL! I'm so far from that it is not even funny. To be honest I have no idea what the first story was I ever wrote. Probably something about a girl falling in love with the prince!

7. Any advise for those who write in their spare time and want to get published?

Write for you. It's your story and only you can tell it. Don't get discouraged if things don't happen at first. If writing is truly your passion, it will show in the words on the paper. And don't be afraid to share it! I know it's scary, but it's also one of the most amazing feelings ever when someone tells you that your story changed their life.

8. Is there anything else you´d like to tell us?

Yes! I'm super excited about coming to Germany! My husband and daughter will be with me and they are excited as well. If you'd like to find out more about me and books, the best place for that would be my 
Can't wait to see everyone! 


Das war also Kelly Elliott und ich habe mich riesig darüber gefreut, dass sie sich meinen Fragen gestellt hat.

Falls euch das Interview gefallen hat, dürft ihr gerne ein Kommentar abgeben oder wenn ihr Vorschläge für andere Fragen habt: Immer her damit!

In case you liked the interview, feel free to leave a comment below!

In diesem Sinne mache ich mich weiter an die Arbeit und wünsche euch eine tolle Restwoche, denn heute ist ja schon Donnerstag!

Liebe Grüße

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